A Little About Me
Having reached 40 last year I decided that if I didn’t try and write a novel then perhaps I never would. So putting fingers tentatively to keyboard I began
“Where did your heart go” The idea first started life in 1992 when I was only just getting over the break up of my first relationship. It was originally called “Take my Breath Away” but I decided to change the title and the original manuscript and decided that the storyline needed to be changed to allow me to combine the late 80’s with current life. Therefore making it relevant to everyone from age 16 onwards.

I set the novel in Herefordshire as I have lived there all my life. I currently work for the Library Service so having books around me just inspires me to continue writing. The lure of my novel being on a library shelf is intoxicating and I hope to see it there one day in the not too distant future.

I enjoy reading anything and everything from Stephen King to Margaret Mitchell. The books that I have read time after time are “The Stand” by Stephen King for the truly epic sweep of a novel about good versus evil. “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell so that I can dream about sweeping staircases, huge dresses and the dark brooding of Rhett Butler. So you can tell just by a choice of 2 novels I have a wide and varied taste in novels. I keep myself fit by swimming, walking my dogs and dancing when I have the time!! (mostly around the garden).

As you will find out music plays an enormous role in my life I harboured childhood dreams of becoming a dancer on Top of the Pops, sadly video’s came along and thwarted that one, despite my grade one in ballet. I love the music of the 80’s, with Wham and George Michael being my favourite although I love Rick Astley, A-Ha and many others of that period.

When I have finished the Heart Trilogy of novels I will be turning my hand to a supernatural romance and I also have some ideas for a wicked black comedy series so please bear with me as all this writing takes time and when you have to do it around work it takes slightly longer.

Please feel free to have a look around my site. I will keep you updated on my progress.