Some of my Friends

Valda DeDieu

Valda is an author I met on Twitter where we share a love of reading, writing and DIY!!
She lives in the USA and has recently asked me to be an admin on her FB site see link below.
Don’t forget to check out some of her fabulous books including Nocturnes and My Stud!

Sarah Michelle Lynch

Sarah is an author I started chatting to after I had read and reviewed “A Fine Profession”
She lives in the UK and has recently got an agent so watch this space!
Read my reviews for “A Fine Profession”, “A Fine Pursuit”, Angel Avenue” and the first book in her new series “UnBind”


Clara Grace Walker

Clara is an author I started chatting to on Twitter and then reviewed her book “Gossip” for the Rave Review Book Club. Always great fun to follow and support and hoping to read “Gratification” at some point in the near future!

Louise Scoular

Louise found me on Twitter hard at work promoting my first novel and as it had a similar premise to her first book “How we Remember” we decided to exchange novels and review and support each other. She is just about to release the follow up to this so watch my Facebook page for updates and of course my review!