Future Books

The Midnight Librarian

Cassis opens the hidden library in Hereford every evening at midnight. She lets in the waifs and spirits taken from the world too early. Helping each of them find out how to move on from the trapped space between life and death. As a 300 year old half vampire, half sea siren she also dreams of finding true love and when the handsome strange Rael wanders in one night she wonders if he could be the one? But does he want to help the spirits like she does or does he have a more sinister purpose?

Trials and Tribute

Local Genesis Tribute Band “Trick and Wind” have sunk all their spare cash and borrowed money to faithfully re-create a classic concert in the hope that they can make it big on the Tribute scene. However the news brings catastrophe as the original band reform and plan to tour the same concert. Will “Trick and Wind” lose money and their homes or will the mysterious dark stranger in the bar come up with a solution?

Chequered Love

Alexandra Claudia Montero DeCastille is the only daughter of Edward DeCastille, three times formula 1 champion and now the sports Supremo. In a bid to protect his daughter from the sport and the stories about the death of her mother he allows her the chance to attend a normal school near Silverstone. As she grows from teenager to young adult she realises that she has an aptitude for driving. Will she find out what happened to her Mother? Will her father allow her to pursue her ambition to become the first female formula 1 driver? Will her love of Zane get in the way as they both try to make their mark in this competitive world? Find out in this glamourous and cut throat story of friendship, love, lies and rivalry stretching back to the 80’s.